Dinner at Desert’s Rose


It would be criminal of me to launch this blog and not mention one of my most favourite restaurants in the whole of Luton! It had to make the cut. 

If you’ve ever followed the path to Luton Station from the back of The Mall, you may have seen an interesting little Arabic restaurant on your way through.

I first discovered Desert’s Rose when my former work team arranged a Christmas meal here back in 2011. I was a little uncultured in food terms back in those days, so I wasn’t sure it was totally my scene but I’m so glad I persevered.

On a more recent visit, I decided to take some photos to share one of my more up-to-date experiences with you guys…

It was a windy Saturday evening in August and I’d been dreaming about the ‘special chips’ all week. But let’s not get ahead of myself. 

We parked up in the Bute Street Car Park (which by the way is free after 6pm on a Saturday) and headed down to the restaurant. You’ll find it nestled between a chicken shop and the Luton Job Centre.

It was the weekend before EID so I was a little concerned it might be quite busy,  but thankfully there was one spare table left with my name on it!

The drinks menu is pretty outstanding and I opted for a melon juice to start. The juices are always quite thick and a little milkshake like, but oh so refreshing. I was pretty thirsty so soon after, so ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry mojito. I was pretty disappointed they didn’t have the pink guava flavour I so desperately wanted to try. Ever since having freshly squeezed pink guava juice in Thailand every morning, I have been just obsessed with the stuff. 

The strawberry mojito however did not disappoint. The perfect combination of fresh fruit, mint leaves and not too lemony. Who else thinks the glass makes or breaks a drink? Pet peeve when a drink is not in the correct glass! But thankfully, it was perfectly instagrammable.


For the alcohol lovers, you may disappointed to know that no alcohol is served here. However, you can always take advantage of the flavoured non-alcoholic wine and beers. They even have pomegranate flavour beer!

I’m quite predictable and always end up having the same food dishes every where I go. I get myself obsessed with just one dish and have it over and over again, it’s really quite bloody boring.

I love any chicken dishes, so opted for the Chicken Taok which basically means grilled pieces of chicken breast. You can choose either rice or chips and salad to accompany and the portions are absolutely huge. I have to say the salad was a little lacking. I usually love to have a little red cabbage and onion in my salads, if I’m being fussy!

The meat is a really nice quality and chargrilled in flavour. Be sure to ask for the garlic & chilli sauces, they are freakin decent.

My boyfriend ordered our absolute favourite, the special chips. A huge portion of chips, covered with parsley, tomato and halloumi topped with garlic and chilli sauces. They are to die for! At ยฃ5 a portion, there’s enough to share around.

The service was a little slow on the night but they did have a recruitment poster in the window, so likely short staffed. The food is so worth the wait though and for a total of just ยฃ30 for the entire meal, you just can’t complain!

Have you visited Desert’s Rose before?

Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

Desert Rose, 55 Bute St, Luton LU1 2EP

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