5 Instagrammable spots in Luton

Luton may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about Instagrammable locations, but I might just change your mind. I actually struggled to choose just five, would you believe! I mean who knew that Luton was so photogenic?

Well the spots are certainly out there, it’s just knowing where to find them.

Here’s five of my fave spots you might just want to consider….

The Hat Factory – Bute Street

This sign is one of my absolute favourite spots in Luton. It’s become somewhat of an icon in Luton, if you didn’t know.

You’ll find the light box shining high at the end of The Hat Factory’s gable wall facing Luton Station.

I love that this is the first thing that visitors see when they walk in the town centre having just arrived.

It’ll give you totally inspirational vibes if nothing else.

Stockwood Discovery Centre Gardens

If you haven’t seen my recent visit to Stockwood Gardens, then where have you been? You can catch up here. I got you.

There’s a photo opportunity in just about every corner in these beautifully landscaped gardens. You’ll completely forget you’re in Luton, it’s just like a mini Kew Gardens.

If you can catch a sunny day, treat yourself to a Rhubarb Gin and relax in the garden cafe under the blue skies. Gin, sun and flowers, what’s not to love?

Bluebell Woods – Farley Hill
(Entrance via Mortimer Close)

I discovered this spot only last year and couldn’t believe I had passed here on so many occasions without knowing it existed.

Nestled between the M1 and a Farley Hill residential play park is a woods filled with Bluebells. It’s a particularly quiet spot (other than the sound of maniac cars on the M1 of course), but you’ll rarely bump into anyone on your stroll through.

Sadly you won’t find the bluebells here all year round, so make sure you head down here during Spring to experience these stunning wild flowers at their best. I visited in April this year and the flowers were looking beaut.

The Pop Up Farm (Junction 9)

If a field full of sunflowers doesn’t excite the life out of you, then we simply cannot be friends.

During the summer, you’ll find The Pop Up Farm full of sunflowers and in Autumn, hundreds of pumpkins in all shades and sizes. The field is your oyster and you can pick as many as you like (for a price of course!).

Pick your own farms are becoming so popular these days thanks to social media, but my Mum used to take us to one in Essex back when we were little.


Blows Down Nature Reserve (Skimpot Road Entrance)

Living in Lewsey Farm, I’m lucky enough to live just a few minutes drive from hills that have the best views over South-West Luton.

You’ll often find wild rabbits running around and herds of cows grazing on the grass. It’s such a peaceful place to come and get away from the hustle and bustle of Luton.

Do you know any other Instagrammable spots in Luton?

I think we’ll probably need a part 2, help a girl out.

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