Exploring: Someries Castle

This partly undiscovered, weird and wonderful spot is the perfect reminder that Luton holds far more history than a fifty year-old shopping centre.

Nestled between farmland behind The Luton Airport, is the remains of a medieval manor house named ‘Someries Castle’. I mean I can’t say I’m hugely into history, but it holds quite an interesting story none the less.

The Castle was built in the 15th century by Sir John Wenlock, a soldier, an MP and the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, who later bought the residence.

What’s quite special about the building is that it was one of the first residential properties to be built by brick in England.

The building was actually never finished and some of it has been torn down, but you can still see remains of the chapel and other parts of the castle today.

Rumour has it, Sir John Wenlocks ghost is said haunt the remains. Thankfully I didn’t stick around long enough to find out! Might be worth an evening visit on Halloween, to scare the shit out of yourself for free.

I would highly encourage a visit, just to say you’ve ‘been there and done that’. Is that a big enough excuse? Probably not.

Or if you’re into cute things, you might like to know the windy roads leading up to the castle are filled with ducks and other birds trotting down the road in front of your car. I mean it’s pretty cute really…

I hope this has inspired you to discover more weird and wonderful places in Luton. Have you been to Someries Castle? Let me know below.


Someries Castle, 81 Someries Cottages, Someries, Luton LU2 9PL. Free parking but limited.

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