Pumpkin Picking At Trinity Hall Farm

Okay, so I have two questions..

  1. When did Pumpkin picking become ‘a thing’?
  2. And why wasn’t it ‘a thing’ sooner?

It seems absurd to think that Pumpkins have existed for thousands of years and we’ve only just become excited by picking these freaky orange vegetables.

I think Instagram is partly to blame. And yes, I’m the type that helps fuel this kind of thing. I mean, why the hell not?

Never mind that this is a child friendly activity, I just KNOW a Pumpkin Patch will make the perfect grammable shot. Guilty.

So whether you’re a parent or just the child-less insta-whore like me, this is a must do activity for Autumn.

This year, I visited the newly opened patch at Trinity Hall Farm. It’s just a few minutes drive from Houghton Regis, on the A5.

I would normally visit The Pop Up Farm however with the terrible weather, they sadly haven’t been open much. So this was a great local alternative on a much smaller scale.

The weather couldn’t of been better for these snaps….

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