Lunch at Brasserie Azure

I’d been meaning to try the Leaside Hotel’s restauraunt, Brasserie Azure for months ever since my friend made the brunch-time discovery.

Sadly the said friend is currently bed-bound after an operation, so couldn’t join us on this sweet Saturday afternoon. However, being the true friend I am, I did take her a meal from the new Franksters Burger Bar in town, the very same day. What can I say, I’m total friend goals. Ha!

So instead myself and my sister headed off to our enjoy a sisterly lunch, filling our belly’s with cocktails and good food.

Here’s what we thought of our Leaside experience…

Situated on the roundabout off of Telford Way, you could so easily miss this place and I have many a time. However upon arriving, it seemed that everyone seemed to know about this hidden gem except for me!

It was EXTREMELY busy!

With a Luton Town home game on, it seemed that The Leaside Hotel was the place to go for pre-football-drinks. Don’t let the thought of football revellers put you off though, as it was all quite laid back.

Overall, I was really impressed with the interior of the restaurant. I was expecting it to be a little outdated, but it was pretty cosy.

We were placed next to the fire, which did become a little hot even on a cold day, but I guess I was wearing a jumper.

Being seated, I immediately noticed a small sign with the cocktail of the month, a Toffee Apple Martini and knew I needn’t look any further. It was a done deal!

Annoyingly, they didn’t have a few of the ingredients to make it so it was temporarily unavailable. (I have had terrible luck ordering drinks lately!). The waitress couldn’t have been more apologetic though, so I opted for a Strawberry Mojito instead.

The cocktail menu had a fantastic range and reasonably priced between Β£6.50-Β£9 per drink. The Mojito was delicious and not overly strong or weak.

Their Ginventory menu, is also worth a mention if you’re into your Gins! There’s tonnes of different Gins to choose from and you can personalise your drink with your preferred mixer and over 20 different finishing touches. There’s everything from frozen berries to lavender!

I checked the menu on their website prior to arriving and was looking forward to trying their Tacos! However, there seemed to be a revised lunchtime menu which did not have them. The website isn’t totally clear about this, but none the less the lunch menu still had a huge variety.

The menu consisted of plenty of choice, including steaks, wraps, fajitas, chicken, plenty of side dishes and starters. There really is something for everyone.

I opted for the Cajun Prawn & Avocado wrap which comes with fries and onion rings. My sister ordered a BLT sandwich which also came with the same sides.

The fillings are in abundance so can be tricky to eat in a sophisticated way. I mean we did try, but that soon went out of the window when the fillings fell out the bottom of my wrap when I bit into it.

The Prawns were pretty spicy for me, although I’m a Peri-tamer and Mango & Herb at Nandos kind of girl. So I’m probably a pathetic judge of spice! Combined with the Avocado, it was totally manageable and pretty delicious. The only thing I felt was missing was that a little mayonnaise might have complimented it well inside.

I really enjoyed the chips and I’m not one for onion rings usually, but they were really light and not too greasy like at some other restaurants.

The only thing I would suggest was a slightly bigger range in sauces, I’m not one for a tomato sauce, I need a little sour cream or sweet chilli for my chips. But then again, I’m probably just a fussy bitch aren’t I?

Overall, we certainly enjoyed our meal at The Leaside Hotel. I am itching to visit again in the evening to have a taste of the Taco’s I missed out on. Not to mention work my way through the entire Gin list!

I’m still trying to get over how busy the bar and restaurant was. It seems like everyone knew about this place, except me!

Have you visited Brasserie Azure at The Leaside Hotel? Let me know what you thought below…

Brasserie Azure – The Leaside Hotel, 72 New Bedford Rd, Luton LU3 1BT

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