Top 5 Best Breakfast Spots In Luton

Having moved to Luton from the East End of London was somewhat of a food challenge for me.

Growing up, we had a greasy spoon around every corner and pie & mash shop within a 1 mile radius of your existence.

But in Luton, finding a decent Cafe is like finding a needle in a haystack. And a pie and mash shop? Well you can absolutely forget it.

Don’t even get me started on chip shops being closed on Sundays! I mean, what kind of sourcery is this?

Thankfully, I’ve had ten years to delve into the dark depths of Luton and find the few hidden hot spots that can rustle up a good old english breakfast and more…

Here’s five of the best breakfast spots I’ve come to know and loveโ€ฆ

The Nearest Cafe – Dallow Road, LU1

This is probably my number 1 breakfast spot in the whole of Luton. On the edge of a parade of shops on Dallow Road is my favourite Sunday spot for breakfast.

You wouldn’t look twice on passing this shop but don’t let the exterior put you off. There is a huge amount of choice for breakfast, from typical fry ups and breakfast baguettes and sandwiches. I always opt for the Set 2 fry up which is far too big for me but I give it a good go and it will normally fill me up until dinner time. And trust me, that’s not an easy task!

The Hardware Cafe – Castle Street, LU1

hardware cafe luton breakfast fry up

Back when I was a student I used to live just a 2 minute walk from this local gem. I didn’t think much of it at the time but moving out of the town centre area, I realised just how few good cafes they really were in Luton.

So of course, I miss it.

I was a frequent for a sausage and egg baguette on my way into uni. (Or on a hungover day from the night before. I mean more often than not).

The Old Skool Pantry – Hitchin Road, LU2

old skool pantry breakfast luton
Chorizo Pancake Stack

Old Skool Pantry is one of my faves when I want to be all fancy an’ that. Think breakfast, gourmet style! This is far from your greasy spoon. There’s ingredients and flavours you would never think to put on a breakfast, but they always seem to gel together so nicely.

I also love the fact I can have a cute teapot here and be all girly for a minute.

Cafe Zandras – Upper George Street, LU1

scrambled egg luton cafe zandras

Cafe Zandras is a great choice if you’re pottering about in the town centre of Luton. They have a great choice for breakfast and my fussy green tea flavours, all for a reasonable price.

I usually come here when I’m on my own, it’s quite a quiet place you can sit on your laptop and be away from the cray cray of The Mall.

Cafe Nostalgia – West Street, LU6

A Dunstable gem with a 5 star rating! Very important indeed.

The team in here are super friendly and are all about the big portions! You definitely won’t go hungry in here. It’s full of traditional breakfast combinations and you can easily trade items for items, if you’re a fussy one.

I rarely get to visit here as I don’t come to Dunstable too much, even though I practically live on the border! But when I do, Cafe Nostalgia is always the one.

And that’s a wrap! I don’t know about you but all that breakfast talk has made me hungry.

I’d love to know you’re favourite Luton breakfast spots, leave me your recommendations below.

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