NYE dinner at Luton’s top rated restaurant

I’m not a huge one for New Years Eve, I never have been. Over-priced drinks, entry fees and over-crowded pushing and shoving.

Not on my watch hun.

I’ll save the nights out for the new year, I’m not getting involved in that rat race.

Which is exactly why I like to look for an alternative activity which doesn’t involve a two-day hangover. I mean let’s start the year as we mean to go on, shall we?

However leaving the new years plans until the 30th December this year, left me with very little choice but to keep it local.

All my usual haunts were either fully booked or closed, so I turned to Tripadvisor to give me some inspiration.

How wrong could I go with the number one rated restaurant in Luton, Villa Ada?

Let’s find out shall weโ€ฆ

When we arrived there was only one other couple in the restaurant, which I later found out on Facebook was because they were shutting at 9pm!

Not that they told us this when I called to book an 8pm table. Thankfully me and boyfriend are not the type to sit and have deep and meaningful conversations over a bottle of red wine for 3 hours, and was in and out within the hour.

I’m sure they totally appreciated it. Although we never for one second felt rushed!

The waiter was very friendly and attentive, even with my boyfriend acting like a 3 year old who hadn’t been let out of the house for a week. When is singing over dinner ever okay? Let alone when your in a small restaurant with just two other couples. Literally cannot take him anywhere.

For a gin fanatic like me, I was pleasantly surprised with the how good the drinks list was! There were plenty of gin flavours and exotic tonic waters to try. Of course I went full basic bitch and ordered a pink gin and lemonade. I mean, I could try a fancy flavour but why break the habit of a lifetime?

To start we ordered some olives and garlic bread.

And let me just sayโ€ฆ

They might not look like much but these olives were hands down, the best I have ever tasted. So big and juicy and not too bitter either!

As for the garlic bread, I didn’t have time to take a photo before my boyfriend demolished half the plate. The waiter even commented on how quickly we ate them. The utter embarrassment.

What can I say? We were hungry.

It’s just so easy to be predictable at an Italian and order a pasta dish but I was determined to try something a bit more daring. So I opted for the Pollo Cia Cia, a chicken breast with tomato, pancetta, mushrooms & chilli.

It had a real kick to it, I mean what did I expect with chilli? Thing is, I’m a Nandos Lemon & Herb kinda girl so my mouth was practically on fire. That said, it was so delicious I ate the entire thing and just tried to ignore the fact that my lips were tingling like crazy.

The quality of the chicken was real decent, it was so soft to cut. Much like my boyfriends steak. He went for the Al Pepe Verde, a steak fillet with peppercorn, brandy and cream sauce. I don’t like steak so can’t judge but he said it was the best steak he’s had outside of London.

We both ordered a side portion of chips, as main dishes come separately. The portions was slightly on the smaller side for my boyfriend who always expects Five Guys sized portions, but they were just enough for me. It was hard to explain to him that this was a fair portion for a normal human being. The chips themselves were amazing. Home-made from fresh potatoes. It feels harsh to even call them a chip to be honest.

As we were leaving a rather old Italian man came out of the kitchen, singing at the top of his voice wearing his Chef hat.

So in short, if you appreciate an authentic Italian meal and enjoy the camaraderie. I would totally recommend this place.

It might be Italian but you just can’t compare it to Pizza Express or a Zizzi. This is a real Italian, no high street chain nonsense included.

Villa Ada – 5 Guildford St, Luton LU1 2NQ

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