Caddington – Blows Down Circular Walk (6.9 miles)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to follow my same route, I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who wishes to do so. Please see here for full disclaimer.


โ€ข Fantastic views over urban Luton. (I can even see my house!)
โ€ข Plenty of wild animals grazing in Blows Down.
โ€ข Lots of woodland to explore with Bluebells in spring.

My Route:

Starting at the shops on Caddington Green, turn left onto Dunstable Road and follow the road approximately 300m up. Cross the road carefully and enter a public footpath to your right. Be careful not to take the Folly Lane path, the one you’ll need is further up the road.

Keep following the path through the various fields, you’ll eventually come to a field where there is a path going straight on and a path signalling left. Take the left and follow it round and you’ll see a woodland to your left. Feel free to go and explore, there’s a few bluebells in here too! I couldn’t quite find a way out back onto my route so went out the way I came in. Continue on your previous path and you’ll come to a small woodland entrance with public footpath signs, take this route and shortly after you’ll see a small gate to the right, hidden amongst some trees. Pass through the gate and continue onto the fields following the marked paths.

You’ll eventually reach Blow’s Down Nature Reserve, over-looking the Downside area in Dunstable. Follow the path and you’ll continue around the reserve with the most fantastic views over Dunstable, Lewsey Farm and further in Luton. Once you reach the Skimpot roundabout (you’ll see it in the distance), there will be a public footpath sign to your right. Ensure you take this route as it’s you’re journey back.

Return journey:

Follow the path through the small woodland area and out onto the fields. Eventually you’ll come to a gate which states private land, that’ll be the golf club. This is a public footpath, so take this route and keep to the right of the hedge.

After a short walk through the golf field, you’ll reach a T junction of paths, take the left hand route. Follow this path up until you reach the entrance gate of the golf club. If the gate is closed do not worry, as there is a pedestrian path which is always open to exit the club.

Stay on this side of the road and walk right for a few metres, you can eventually cross when you see a small entrance in woodland. Enter the woodland and you’ll see the new build site through the trees. Take the path to the left in the new estate and follow it round. You’ll see a small community centre on your left and a path leading straight up passing a playground. The path leads into Badgerdell Wood, keeping walking straight and follow the public footpath signs.

When you reach the end of the woodlands you’ll see a public foot path sign, take the right pointer route and follow this all the way back to Caddington village.

Please stay safe, social distance and respect your surroundings.

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