22 things that will happen in Luton after lockdown ends

With lockdown slowly easing, have you ever wondered how we’ll integrate back into society again? Will things be the same as before the pandemic or will Luton life change as we know it? Who knows!

It’s fair to say, there are just some things that are guaranteed in good old Luton when lockdown and social distancing finally come to an end.

luton hat factory sign which says if you can dream it you must do it

1). Hatters Way will be absolutely rammed again on Luton Town home days

2). All the girls will rush down to the ยฃ2 threading bar just outside The Mall to get their eyebrows done

3). Newlands Park/Football Stadium developments will start to circle on social media once again

4). Chicken George will have queues half way down Hitchin Road

5). You’ll head straight for the nearest beer garden – probably The Jolly Toppers

6). We’ll pile our plates high at the Moat House Carvery and never take it for granted again

7). We won’t see the men ever again as they’ll probably be playing 5-a-side football up .net every night

8). Forget getting a table at Nandos, not-going-to-happen

9). Little kids will run naked through the fountains outside The Mall again (this was odd before, and it’ll be odd again.)

10). We’ll all rush to get a beauty appointment at Aviva – nails, massage, facial – we don’t care how much it costs we’ll take it all!

11). Another shop will probably close down in The Mall

12). You won’t be able to get onto the machine you want at your gym because everyone’s working on their summer body and they have 1.5 weeks to achieve it

13). You’ll park in The Market Car Park and walk through to The Mall without even looking at the market (support your bloody market people!)

14). The thousands of University students will all go back to class and we’ll still not see any of them

15). The Z bus will continue to not turn up on time, or not at all

16). ‘Out Out’ will be trending, but we’ll still avoid the town centre nightlife

17). They’ll be an accident on the M1 and you’ll be late to work

18). People will stop walking everywhere (Please don’t – inspo here).

19). You’ll stop giving people the evil eye that are standing too close to you in the Tesco queue

20). You’ll start to hear “Yo G” in the street again and still wonder when this greeting ever became acceptable

21). Another Peri Peri shop will open

22). People will (hopefully!) continue to support their local independent shops who’ve helped us through lockdown

Until this time, stay safe and well! If you’d like some escapism during lockdown then follow my Instagram here. I share things to do (mainly feeding my face) and places to explore in and around Luton.

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