Stockwood Park – Markyate Circular Walk (7.8 miles)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to follow my same route, I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who wishes to do so. Please see here for full disclaimer.


โ€ข Includes a peaceful woodland walk
โ€ข An ideal stop at Harper’s Food in Pepperstock for a drink and bite to eat
โ€ข Leads through stunning yellow rapeseed fields (season dependent)

My Route:

Starting at the Stockwood Park Car Park at the Farley Hill End (LU1 5NX), walk into the park and turn right. Head straight and you’ll reach Farley Fish Pond on your right. Pass the pond and turn left, heading through the Stockwood Golf Club. Keep to the right hand side of the verge which is a public footpath through the grounds. Once you reach the end of the golf club, you’ll be able to take several paths left and right, take the the right and cross the road (carefully!). Take the public footpath in front of you and follow up to the bridge and cross over the M1.

Head straight onto Woodside Road using the footpath on the left hand side of the road. Take the first left onto Grove Road and follow the path straight. Continue onto Front Street and you’ll eventually reach a roundabout where Harper’s Food is directly in front of you. This is a nice place to stop for a bite to eat, the cakes are super delicious. If you stop here, head back onto the roundabout and turn left into Half Moon Lane. (If you don’t stop at Harper’s, it’ll be on your right as you approach the roundabout from Front Street).

Follow the lane down past the park homes and you’ll eventually head into a woodland area, passing the Fireworks shop on your left. The woodland goes for quite a while but keep following it round. It’s a very quiet set of woodlands but eventually you’ll come out onto Hicks Road by Markyate.

Return journey:

Follow this lane down (this is an open road with no foot path but very little cars and only a few yards until you reach the public foot path). The foot path will be on your right heading into a field. Take the path which crosses over the field diagonally and follow it over the hill. You’ll see a kissing gate, do not enter it, carry on the foot path and when you reach the next gate, turn right on the path. Follow this to the end of the road and turn right and cross over the road (carefully!).

Take the first left onto Caddington Common and follow the road down. In some parts of the road, the walking path disappears so please beware of cars. To your left there is a nice woodlands to explore, if you wish. Follow the road to the end onto Pipers Lane, cross the road (carefully!) and head right. Take the first public foot path you see on your left (it’s a few houses up).

Follow this path into the yellow fields (season dependant) and when you reach the two way foot path take the path to the right. Follow this path to the end and take the stairs coming out onto Mancroft Road. Turn right and head into Aley Green. Walk to the end of the road and take the first left onto Woodside Road. The path disappears for a few yards so please be careful, you’ll pass the bus stop on your right hand side. Stay on Woodside Road and you’ll eventually reach the path you took earlier on the walk and head back over the M1 bridge and into Stockwood Park.

Please stay safe, social distance and respect your surroundings.

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