Woburn Circular Walk – (9.3 miles)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to follow my same route, I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who wishes to do so. Please see here for full disclaimer.


โ€ข Stunning views of Woburn Abbey Deer Park
โ€ข Countryside pub en-route
โ€ข Animal spotting via Woburn Safari Park

My Route:

Starting at Woburn Village Car Park MK17 9PG (free parking available), exit the car park and turn left onto Park Street and head towards the village high street. Turn left onto George Street and follow the road down passing Oliviers restaurant (on your left) and further down Fratelli’s Italian restaurant (on your right).

You’ll eventually see glimpses of the Woburn Estate on your left and upon reaching The Ivy Lodge, enter the metal side gate. The path through is rather narrow and it’s a short stroll into the deer park which you’ll reach through a final gate.

When passing through the gate head North East and you’ll see a yellow way marker. You must use the way markers to guide you through the park, keeping to the public footpath, whilst taking in the views of the deer (they were on our right when we passed).

After passing several markers, you’ll start to see a huge pond beneath the trees. You’ll eventually reach a small bridge leading to the Woburn Abbey, this is as close as you can get for views. At the end of the path (with the bridge to your left), turn right onto the road. Follow the road up a slight hill whilst enjoying some deer spotting!

The road will eventually split into two, take the left route and follow the path through the trees. Keeping walking around the fence with the tudor style house to your right and you’ll eventually reach the gated exit to the park.

Follow the path to the field and turn left. Follow it straight down through the gap in the trees, do not take the right. Keep heading straight with woodlands to your right and the deer park wall to your left, do not take any left or rights. You’ll eventually reach a path off to the left by some large fallen trees.

Once you reach the field, follow it round to the right passing bushes that look like bamboo leaves. Keep following them round keeping the bushes to your right and you’ll come to a small gap in the trees with a few steps that lead you down. Follow through here and follow the path onto the field where there will be several post directions. Head North East over the field and you’ll see a small bridge beneath a few bushes in the distance. Cross the bridge and head straight to reach a narrow path through woodland, exiting the park gate.

You’ll exit out onto a road so be careful, it’s only a couple of minutes walk into the village of Eversholt. Follow the bend round to the left, admiring the pretty houses! As you walk into the village, you’ll see a cute pub on your right called ‘The Green Man’. This is a great spot for a short break in their pub garden, relaxing beneath the apple trees.

Return journey:

Turn right out of the pub and follow the road round passing the cricket ground. We walked on a sunny Sunday afternoon and the game was in full swing! Keep walking and you’ll pass Eversholt Hall on your left. After passing a few houses on your right, take the next left onto Hills End. If I remember rightly, some of this walk was on-road but there were some grass verges and the road was a very quiet country lane.

Head to the end of the road, passing through the houses and you’ll eventually reach the deer park once again. Turn left at the end of the junction and immediately right is the path to take. Begin to follow the way markers again around the park. There were plenty more male deer here to see too!

Keep following the path and you’ll cross a cattle grid, a little way up you’ll see a marker pointing to the left into woodlands. Follow the woodlands through and before you exit, look out for the Zebra enclosure to your left!

Head straight over and pass the red phone box on your right, taking the public footpath sign to your immediate left. Keep looking out for animals on your way through! There are some green plastic panels around the fences which does restrict your view but as you can tell from our photos we still had some great views in some areas despite this!

Upon reaching the end of the track, pass through the gate and down into the woodlands. Don’t forget to see if you can spot the Giraffe’s to your left before you pass through. We also heard the sounds of monkeys!

The path through the woodland was fantastic with lots of animal spotting through the enclosures. Wallabies were an easy spot! The woodland feels a little jungle-esque with the tallest of trees and exotic sounds. The woods were also filled with squirrels!

Eventually you’ll reach the end of the road and you’ll need to turn right and head up out of the park. You’ll come out onto the main road, cross (carefully) and turn right and take the first left into Horsepool Lane. Look out for the public footpath sign almost immediately left.

Enter the field and turn right towards the woodlands. This field was very pretty, especially on a sunny evening. Enter the woods, crossing a wooden bridge to a wider path and turn left. Keep following this path straight over the fields, it’s a fair old way. Eventually you’ll reach a farm house and you’ll pass through it closely to your left. Pass the house and the path will begin to bear left. Follow this round and pass the houses to your right. Once reaching the main road, turn left and take this path back into Woburn village.

Upon reaching the junction turn left back onto Park Street and cross over into the car park.

Please stay safe, social distance and respect your surroundings.

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