Bradgers Hill Circular Walk – (3 miles)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to follow my same route, I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who wishes to do so. Please see here for full disclaimer.


• Great for blackberry picking (in season)
• Fantastic views over North Luton
• Wild horses grazing

My Route:

Starting at The Bushmead Centre, Hancock Dr, Luton LU2 7SF, exit the car park and turn right onto Hancock Drive then almost immediately left onto Bushmead Road.

Follow the road round passing the Stopsley Common Farm House on your left.

Turn left at the end of the road and follow it round keeping to the left hand side, until you see a public footpath sign, take this path.

Follow the path down until you reach the Bradgers Hill map and turn right here. When reaching the corn field turn right and follow it down until the path bends round to the left leading to steps.

Take the steps and go as far as you can until you see a gate in the distance, do not enter the gate. There is a crossroads before the very last step and you’ll need to take a right through the hedge.

Turn right again and you’ll see a gate immediately on the left.

Follow this path through the woodlands heading straight as far as you can go. You’ll eventually reach a gate, head through leading you onto the end of Bradgers Hill Road. Cross over and directly in front of you you’ll see a path heading up a slight hill, take this path. Take the first right up the path and follow it round passing tonnes of wild blackberry bushes on the way.

Return journey:

When reaching the very end of this path turn left. Head through Mixers Hill Road right into front of you.

At the end of the road are metal barriers providing a shortcut through to the next road, head through here and turn left onto St Thomas’s Road.

Head straight and shortly after passing Stopsley High School you will see a public footpath and gate on your right leading into a horses field. Head through this gate.

Cross through the horses field in a north westerly direction.

Walk through the wild flower meadows and into woodlands.

Heading into the woodlands head down the hill past the tree swing and turn right and then immediately left, following a chalk path down and round until you see a gate. Go through the gate and head left.

When reaching a t-juction of paths, head right.

Head down the steps and turn right onto an open field.

Take the next left through the hedge and then the left path heading towards houses.

When reaching the road turn right. Take the second left back into Bushmead Road, again passing the Farm house. Follow the road round and turn right then left into Bushmead Centre.

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