21 things you know or did if you went to University of Bedfordshire (Luton Campus)

Every year I get serious envy of all the students beginning their new lives at University. It’s been 11 years since I had began my student life in Luton and each year it has this horrible habit of creeping up on me and reminding me of just how old I’ve got! Tragic.

Back in 2009 it was a simpler time, a time with no responsibilities and endless possibilities. Of course there were probably bigger and better towns to study in, but it was an experience we’ll never forget.

If you’re a Luton grad who’s missing the good old student days, these memories might put a smile on your face…

1). You went to Liquid on a Monday, Legends on a Wednesday, Chicago’s on a Thursday and probably back to Liquid at the weekend.

2). The 1p party at Legends were always the best and worst nights out of the year.

3). You always went to the student lock-in event at the mall even though you were piss poor because your loans hadn’t come in yet.

4). You only went to the Freshers Fayre just to get the £1 Dominoes pizza.

5). Renting films from Blockbuster and ordering pizza from Tiffinz was the ultimate night in.

6). You thought that Luton only consisted of the town centre and truly believed places like Stopsley were in a far away land.

7). One time you got the bus to Asda in Wigmore and it was legit the best day out. 

8). You would do your weekly shop at Tesco Metro or Iceland on Park Street.

9). Getting into Bute Street Halls to visit your mates was like trying to get into the MI5 building.

10). You’d regularly buy the cheap £4 vodka from Iceland. Smirnoff was a luxury we could only dream of.

11). You and your friends probably rented a house from Connections on Wellington Street and most likely lost your £425 deposit because you left a bag of frozen peas in the freezer when you moved out.

12). Dinner at The Whitehouse was a total treat.

13). You quickly realised you were not Elle Woods and the University of Bedfordshire was going to be nothing like going to Harvard.

14). You fell down the stairs at Liquid more times than your parents came to visit you.

15). You never made the 9am Tuesday lecture.

16). Your bedroom was filled with uv paint, glowsticks, a sombrero and other weird props from Fuzzylogic nights.

17). Karams at 3am was the only way to finish a night out.

18). VKs were your go-to drink.

19). You thought foam party was a good idea until you saw the photos of you looking like a drowned rat on your digital camera the next day.

20). You would empty out your bag to find change to top up your ID card to print something out in the IT suite.

21). Queuing to re-register each year took approximately 264 working days.

*Featured Image: University of Bedfordshire

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