7 Ghost Signs you’ve probably never noticed in Luton

If you’ve ever been to London and spotted those faded and weather-beaten, hand painted signs on the side on buildings – the last place you’d think you’d see them, would be in Luton.

I stumbled across one in High Town by total accident and it got me hungry for more. Were there any more historic advertisements from generations past, that I’d walked past none the wiser?

A little research later…

There absolutely was!

Here’s 7 Ghost Signs you’ve probably never noticed…

1. Reginald Street, High Town

2. Wellington Street, Town Centre

3. John Street, Town Centre

4. Dumfries Street, New Town

5. Ashton Road, New Town

6. Old Bedford Road, High Town

7. Guildford Street, Town Centre

Have you ever spotted these signs or are there any I’ve missed? Let me know here! There’s also some great detail on the history of these signs via the Luton Heritage website.

If you’re up for a circular walk to visit all locations, you can follow my Ghost Sign walking route here.

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