The Upper Lea Valley Walk (6.7 miles)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to follow my same route, I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who wishes to do so. Please see here for full disclaimer.


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β€’ Follows the River Lea to Upper Lea Valley View Sight Point.
β€’ Strolls through the lovely Bide-a-While gardens (particularly pretty in the Spring time).
β€’ Passes through the Luton Town Centre around the half-way point (ideal place to stop for a toilet break or grabbing something to eat/drink).

My Route:

Starting at Leagrave Park Car Park (LU3 3AF), enter the car park and walk into the park slightly, heading right at the bridge.

Walk over the grass, you’ll have the rugby pitch on your right and the river concealed to your left. Keep heading straight and you’ll begin to see snippets of the river and you can then follow the river round.

Cross over the bridge.

Follow the path to the next bridge and cross over it.

At the end of the bridge, take the path heading right, up to the main road.

Cross over the lights (you’ll have Mcdonalds in front of you), and head left up Bramingham Road.

About 50 yards up, the path splits, take the right hand path past the Limbury Mead Wildlife signage. Follow the path by the river side.

Where the path splits, take the right hand path passing the National Cycle Path way-marker on your left.

Follow the path around, passing the bridge (do not cross this bridge). Continue forward and you’ll come to a cross path, take the left path and follow round by the river on your left.

Continue on this path, passing two bridges and the play park. When reaching the main road, cross over using the zebra crossing slightly to your left.

Follow the path by the river, continuing past the Limbury Bridge of Hope.

When you get to the road cross over and continue to walk by the river.

When you reach the next road, cross the zebra crossing and take a left. Take the first right down Riddy Lane.

Head down Riddy Lane for around 5 minutes and on your right will be a foot path with a swan way-marker. Continue on the path as it bends to the left.

When you get to the main road (New Bedford Road), take a right.

When you reach the traffic lights, cross over and take an immediate right.

Just before you reach The Bide-A-While Gardens, there is a small mud path to your left.

Go down the path and head right, past the gardens. When reaching the wooden gate at the end of the gardens, head through and take a left, continuing alongside the river.

Continue straight and you will eventually reach Stockingstone Road. Cross over the road and into the Cricket pitch.

Walk alongside the left hand side of the pitch until you reach a wooden gate on your left. Go through the gate and into Wardown Park, and head right, passing Wardown House on your left.

Head in the direction of the river, with the river to your left. Once you have passed the two bridges, head right back onto the main road (New Bedford Road). Once on the road, head left towards the Town Centre. You will have a small stream of the river on your left hand side.

Pass the Leaside Hotel, cross the traffic lights and head under the bridge onto Manchester Street and further onto George Street.

Turn left at Farmfoods onto Church street.

Once you’ve passed St Mary’s Church, turn right at the end of the road. Take the underpass when you reach it. Cross over the mini bridge to the left and go through the second underpass, taking a right at the end.

Continue down Windmill Road, over the mini roundabout.

Take a right down Osborne Road and then left at the end of the road, onto Park Street.

Continue on Park Street until you reach the end, take a left by the Luton Town FC training ground before the bridge.

Walk over the bridge and follow the pathway until you get to an underpass and take the right through it. At the end of the underpass, turn right.

When reaching the roundabout, take the left through the Upper Lea Valley Way metal gates.

Follow the path under the bridge onto the National Cycle Network path.

Continue walking on the path until you reach the Upper Lea Valley Sight View Point!

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