5 Bluebell Woodland Walks In & Around Luton

Seeing bluebells carpeting a woodland floor is the highlight of any spring walk. 

Mine included. 

April is probably my favourite time of year to walk, watching the delicate little flowers pop up in the most unexpected of places is far too exciting than I should probably admit. But whilst a handful of bluebells on a grass verge is nothing exciting, finding them in their thousands is something quite spectacular. 

Here are some of my favourite local spots worth visiting for bluebells in larger numbers.

Kidney Woods, South Luton

How to find –  Pedestrian entrance at the top of London Road, opposite Stockwood Park. Follow the path to the top, right hand corner of the woods for bluebells in numbers.

Parking – Stockwood Park – LU1 4BH

I wouldn’t advise this spot for those with pushchairs or small children, as there are many uneven spots and fallen trees.

Bluebell Woods, Farley Hill

Check out video footage here!

How to find – Pedestrian entrance in corner of Castlecroft Recreation Ground, Mortimer Close.

Parking – Limited roadside parking outside Castlecroft Recreation Ground. Please park responsibly.

Bramingham Wood

How to find – Pedestrian entrance in Lygetun Drive, Bramingham, LU3 3QD (several others available, click here for more).

Parking –  Limited car parking is available near the wood’s two main entrances: Whitehorse Vale on the northern edge and Lygetun Drive in the south. Please park responsibly.

Great Hayes Woods, Putteridge

How to find: Pedestrian entrance opposite Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Hitchin Road, LU2 8DL.

Dockey Wood, Ashridge Estate

How to find – Bluebells should be in the woods by the main car park (HP4 1NE). I haven’t been here myself yet, so unfortunately can’t help with directions further than this. Hoping to pop over here in the next few weeks, fingers crossed I make it before bluebell season is over!

Parking – Small car park opposite the woods (HP4 1NE), there are also two additional car parks on Beacon road in the Ringshall direction.

Please remember –  If you trample on a bluebell, it will usually take years to re-grow or not at all, so please don’t! Also it’s against the law to intentionally, pick or destroy bluebells, so don’t be bloody stupid and stay on the paths.

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