5 New Luton Foodie Spots You Need To Try

I honestly haven’t been able to keep up with the amount of new foodie establishments opening over the last 12 months in Luton.

But how do you separate the good from the bad?

Well thankfully, I’ve been out filling my face with most of them – so you can make informed decisions on where to head first!

Oh it’s a hard life but someone has to do it.

So here’s a handful of foodie spots I think you’ll enjoy trying!

luton sushi

Pings, The Mall

Pings fills another of the foodie gaps in the Luton food scene – sushi!

I picked up a little selection of goodies in here – crabstick sushi, avocado sushi, a sausage bun and some macaroons. I’m not one for raw fish sushi so can’t comment on that side of things, but the sushi I had was pretty decent and such good value. I forgot to see if they had any sauces – I usually love the spicy mayo you find in sushi stores.

The pleasant surprise for me, was the sausage bun – a tasty sausage in a sweet airy bun. It’s pretty simple but it just worked.

Where to find: Unit 98, The Mall Shopping Centre, Luton LU1 2TQ

Sugar Rushed, Dunstable

If you live over the Dunstable side of Luton, then you’ll know that our area has been crying out for a good dessert shop for ages – and Sugar Rushed is it! From what I know (stalked), Sugar Rushed has taken over the previous Sugar n Spice shop which used to sell the Bubble Waffles, sandwiches etc. Pretty peeved that I never got to try that, but worse things have happened in Covid!

The menu in this place is not shy, they’ve covered just about everything – from cookie dough, crepes, waffles, donuts, sundaes, cakes, and shakes. They even have Tango ice blast for the cinema lovers out there.

I had the Kinder Cookie Dough & ice-cream and really can’t complain! Full sweet food coma.

Where to find: 5 High St South, Dunstable LU6 3RZ & Just Eat.

Paul’s Bakehouse, Birdsfoot

It’s probably best that this bakery isn’t too accessible for me, as I would be visiting far too much!

Nestled in between the shops at Birdsfoot Lane, this is an out of town hidden gem.

A perfectly instagrammable shop that has quality baked goods to match and totally reasonable prices too!

Luton has been crying out for a modern, independent bakery for so long and this one really fits the bill.

I totally recommend their sausage pizza baguette slices, they are delicious!

Where to find: 60 Birdsfoot Ln, Luton LU3 2DQ.

Be Fit Box

This place is like my dirty little secret. Although less dirty and more healthy!

I noticed this was a new addition on Just Eat and ordered on a bit of a whim. I wasn’t expecting huge things but I absolutely loved it! You know when you can’t be bothered to cook on a random weekday, but you don’t want a heavy unhealthy takeaway? This is the one and I’ve been a regular customer ever since.

I always order the same Chicken Burrito and it’s super filling. Sometimes I’ll order as a meal which comes with nacho crisps and a tangy dip. Or if I’m being super greedy, then I’ll throw in one of their protein cheesecakes too.

They also have tons of healthy meals orderable on their website (PS: I get commissions for purchases made through this link).

Where to find: Website & Just Eat


When I saw Chaiikhana sold fresh hot donuts covered in my favourite kinder toppings, I was sold!

This little hut is in the most random location (on an industrial estate), but it was worth the trip to try something a little different to the usual dessert shops in Luton. We tried the mini dutch pancakes covered in Biscoff sauce and sprinkles, and four fresh mixed donuts with whipped ice-cream. There are tons of other desserts on their menu like cheesecakes, fondue, milk cake, brownies and even churros!

They also have delicious Nimbu Paani (which tastes similar to lemonade) in three flavours!

Where to find: 241 Selbourne Road, LU4 8NP

There have been so many new additions to the Luton food scene lately, it really has been hard to keep up! But these few should keep you busy for a little while!

Have you tried anywhere new recently? Let me know below!

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