Luton – Someries Castle Circular Walk (6.2 Miles)

IMPORTANT: If you wish to follow my same route, I am not responsible for the safety or well-being of anyone who wishes to do so. Please see here for full disclaimer.


  • Best for experienced walkers/those without small children, as you may encounter some country lane walking. For child-friendly route see 2.2 mile route below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป ย 
  • Easy to follow route.
  • Visit the hidden gem of Someries Castle.
  • For a shorter walk (2.2 miles) – you can end the trail at the castle and make your way back via the route you came.

My Route:

Starting at the Luton Airport Parkway Car Park (LU1 3JH), walk out of the Car Park and head left.


At the split road, take the right hand road.

Take the immediate left through the Lea Valley metal sign posts and follow the path under the bridge.

upper lea valley way walk

When you reach the National Cycle Network route, follow the path.

After a short walk on the path, you will reach an exit down to the road on your right. Head down the steps.

Take a right at the road.

Go through the tunnel called Someries Arch.

someries arch

Continue walking straight past the house on your left.

Follow the path round to the right.

Continue towards the fences.

When you reach the metal gate, head right.

Take the path up and over the hill *catches breath*. When you reach the top, head left.

Go through the kissing gate and head right towards the castle.

Walk beside Someries Castle, with the Chickens as company. At the bottom of the path, head through the gate and the official entrance to the remains of the castle will be on your right. It’s free to explore.

Back out in front of the castle is a road, ensure you head right down the lane.

Keep walking straight, ignoring any split roads for now. You’ll pass some horse fields on your right, keep going.

Eventually you’ll reach a T-junction with cottages in front of you, head right.

At the end of the road, take a right. Here you’ll have a choice to walk on the lane or use the grass verges.

Keep following the lane, it’s a fair old way. I think you can see Luton Hoo in the distance!

After a while, you’ll arrive at a T-junction at Lower Harpenden Road. Cross over the road and head straight onto West Hyde Road. Unfortunately, you’ll be passing the sewage works. Sorry about that!

Just past the sewage works, there is an Upper Lea Valley Way sign post pointing right. Here you can re-join the path which will take you to where you first started (National Cycle Network).

With home in sight, keep following the path. You can’t go wrong!

Eventually, you’ll be back where you started in Luton. You’ll even pass the Upper Lea Valley View Point, so keep an eye out for that on your way back.

Please stay safe, social distance and respect your surroundings.

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