22 things that will happen in Luton after lockdown ends

With lockdown slowly easing, have you ever wondered how Lutonians may integrate into society again? Will things be the same as before the pandemic or will Luton life change as we know it? Here’s my (light-hearted) Mystic Meg predictions

6 lockdown cocktails for this weekend

Sit back, relax, grab your virtual friends and enjoy yourself a cocktail or a quarantini with my six isolation cocktails to make at home this weekend.

5 things to do in Luton this Valentine’s weekend

Another year of my boyfriend buying me flowers that look like they were chosen for my 85-year-old Nan. Yay – Valentine’s Day returns! ♥️ For all those moany fucks that think it’s a money-making scheme, I mean it is but so what? Valentine’s Day can be whatever you want it to be. And I for …

NYE dinner at Luton’s top rated restaurant

I’m not a huge one for New Years Eve, I never have been. Over-priced drinks, entry fees and over-crowded pushing and shoving. Not on my watch hun. I’ll save the nights out for the new year, I’m not getting involved in that rat race. Which is exactly why I like to look for an alternative …