NYE Dinner at Luton’s Top Rated Restaurant

I’m not a huge one for New Years Eve, I never have been. Over-priced drinks, entry fees and over-crowded pushing and shoving.

Not on my watch hun.

I’ll save the nights out for the new year, I’m not getting involved in that rat race.

Which is exactly why I like to look for an alternative activity which doesn’t involve a two-day hangover. I mean let’s start the year as we mean to go on, shall we?

However leaving the new years plans until the 30th December this year, left me with very little choice but to keep it local.

All my usual haunts were either fully booked or closed, so I turned to Tripadvisor to give me some inspiration.

How wrong could I go with the number one rated restaurant in Luton, Villa Ada?

Let’s find out shall we…

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Lunch At Brasserie Azure

I’d been meaning to try the Leaside Hotel’s restauraunt, Brasserie Azure for months ever since my friend made the brunch-time discovery.

Sadly the said friend is currently bed-bound after an operation, so couldn’t join us on this sweet Saturday afternoon. However, being the true friend I am, I did take her a meal from the new Franksters Burger Bar in town, the very same day. What can I say, I’m total friend goals. Ha!

So instead myself and my sister headed off to our enjoy a sisterly lunch, filling our belly’s with cocktails and good food.

Here’s what we thought of our Leaside experience…

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Dinner At Desert’s Rose


It would be criminal of me to launch this blog and not mention one of my most favourite restaurants in the whole of Luton! It had to make the cut. 

If you’ve ever followed the path to Luton Station from the back of The Mall, you may have seen an interesting little Arabic restaurant on your way through.

I first discovered Desert’s Rose when my former work team arranged a Christmas meal here back in 2011. I was a little uncultured in food terms back in those days, so I wasn’t sure it was totally my scene but I’m so glad I persevered.

On a more recent visit, I decided to take some photos to share one of my more up-to-date experiences with you guys…

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